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Facts About the Third-Party Recruiting Industry

$167 Billion The size of the Recruiting and Staffing industry in the United States.

20,000 Companies The total number of third-party recruiting companies in the United States.

87 % of Third-Party Recruiters Use LinkedIn daily. LinkedIn is the number one source for third-party recruiters to find candidates.

23.2 % Combined Total of all placements by third-party recruiting firms went to IT and Engineering roles.

Third-Party Recruiting Firms

Robert Half

Rober Half
10,000+ employees
$5 - $10 Billion USD a year


Rober Half
1,000 to 5,0000 employees
$2 - $5 Billion USD a year

Randstad Technologies

10,000+ employees
$10+ Billion USD a year

Enterprise Solutions Inc

Enterprise Solutions Inc
50 - 200 employees
$25 - $50 Million USD a year